Mobile Roadworthy in Logan


A road-worthy inspection is recommended for motorbikes, cars, trailers, and vehicles that are more than 4500 kilograms. It is excellent for your safety and the safety of other road users. When you get a road-worthy inspection, it will cover the tires, brakes, suspension, body damage and rust, windscreen, steering, and lights.

You can get a mobile roadworthy Logan area, ensuring you do not have to drive to the local department of transport and motoring approved station. A mobile inspection ensures that you save time, guarantees your safety, and is stress-free. The team will come to you to do the examination and get you a mobile roadworthy certificate on the same day.


When do you need a mobile roadworthy?


A roadworthy certificate is essential. In Queensland, you need a roadworthy certificate when selling a registered car or transferring the registration to a new owner. It ensures that you are selling them a car that is safe for them to drive. That also ensures that you get an excellent price for your vehicle.

You also need to submit a roadworthy application if you are transferring vehicle registration from another state to Queensland. If you have an unregistered vehicle, you will need to submit it to a roadworthy inspection before re-registration. To get an inspection certificate, you can contact A PLUS for a mobile roadworthy in Logan.


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Where do you get a Safety Certificate?

You can get a Safety certificate with any of the Approved providers. These are registered businesses that are licensed and can issue a written or electronically generated roadworthy. If you are selling your vehicle, you must display your handwritten roadworthy on it. You can choose to display the certificate or the blue cover label.

Ensure that you do not forget to display it when you offer the vehicle for sale online, or in public. It must be visible if you put a for sale sign on a car you are still using. The certificate should be displayed on prominent areas such as the guard or front forks of a motorcycle. You can put it on the window or windscreen of a car and the drawbar of a trailer. Bear in mind that you can be fined up to $560 if you do not display a handwritten certificate when you offer a vehicle for sale.

On the other hand, if you get an electronically generated roadworthy, you do not have to display it. That said, ensure that you produce it when a police officer, a buyer or transport inspector requests. The Approved Inspection Station you choose will send you your electronically generated roadworthy as a PDF document in your email.


How much will I pay for an Inspection?

The cost for a roadworthy inspection, whether you get a handwritten or electronic certificate is the same. You will need to pay $88.00 for vehicles that are 4500kg or more.

If you are planning to sell a motorcycle, car, or trailer, make sure that you give A Plus Mobile Roadworthy a call for a mobile roadworthy Logan.