Do Trailers Need A Mobile Roadworthy Logan


A vehicle inspection ensures you are safe when driving the vehicle and that you comply with local regulations. It is also essential if you want to sell your trailer or transfer ownership. You can get a road-worthy inspection at an approved dealership or get a mobile roadworthy in Logan. Mobile inspections ensure that the inspectors come to you and you do not have to spend the day in traffic and then in a line at the inspection offices.

We offer top-of-the-line mobile roadworthy services. Our inspections cover vehicle suspension, breaks, body damage, and tires. The inspector will also need to look at the lights, steering, and windscreen. Our experienced mobile roadworthy inspections will come to your home or office and inspect your vehicle.


How Trailers Need A mobile Roadworthy?


Trailers, like cars, and motorbikes, need a mobile roadworthy. That ensures that the drivers and other road users are safe. It is also essential to have your trailer inspected if you are planning to sell it or transfer its ownership to another person. Getting a mobile roadworthy when selling your vehicle informs your buyers that you are selling them a car that is safe to use.

It is also necessary to get roadworthy if you are registering your vehicle from a different state. If you move to Queensland, make sure that you call us for a mobile roadworthy in Logan. In case you have an unregistered vehicle, you will need to submit it to a roadworthy inspection before registering it in Queensland. It is essential to ensure that you get roadworthy before visiting the registration office to save time.


mobile roadworthy in logan

Types of Safety Certificates


There are two types of safety certificates that you can get after an inspection, a handwritten one and an electronically generated one. As mentioned above, you need to get a mobile roadworthy in Logan before selling a trailer. It is essential to display your handwritten roadworthy prominently the minute you put your vehicle on sale.

An excellent spot is on the drawbar of your trailer. It will ensure that police officers and other officials can see it along with your buyers. Make sure that the blue cover or the information is visible when displaying your safety certificate. If you do not display your roadworthiness, you could get fined more than $560.

When you get an electronically generated certificate, you do not have to display it on your trailer. However, you need to keep it close to show to transport inspectors, police officers, and buyers. You can print the safety certificate or save it on your mobile phone.

The Validity of Safety Certificates

If you are a private individual selling a trailer, the certificate lasts 2000 kilometres or two months. On the other hand, certificates for motor vehicle dealerships are valid for 1000 kilometres or three months.

Get a Mobile Roadworthy Today

Your trailer needs a roadworthy, just like any other vehicle. If you are selling it, make sure you get a mobile roadworthy in Logan from our inspection team. It will ensure that you find a buyer quickly and avoid fines. Contact A Plus Roadworthy today.