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James Sparrow

Throughout my young years, my father had a passion for fixing complex situations on cars. I always came to him to see what he was doing and I tried to have a go to try and solve the problem. Since trying to fix my first car, those memories are what I remember today. This is what I have continued and persuaded throughout my life. During my high school period I persisted and continued on fixing cars and doing a mechanical course.

After leaving my high school years and completing my mechanical course, I found a job that I’ve always wanted. I completed my apprenticeship through Kmart Tyre and Auto. This gave me even more insight on cars and how they work in detail. This gave me everything that I needed for me to continue on and work my way up in certain ranks while keeping a mechanical focus.

Throughout completion of my apprenticeship I had many mentors working with me and also mentors that I know externally. They know that I was very good at what I did and how I did it, and now I’m running a business of my own, A+ Mobile Roadworthy.

Combining my 10+ years of passion and knowledge to run my own business, my primary factor was to provide an honest, reliable and hardworking family service that was a fair rate that could be trusted.


A+ Mobile Roadworthy Will Come To You And Get You Back On The Road Fast.

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Operating from Bundaberg we cover: Bundaberg – Childers – Gin Gin – Maryborough – Hervey Bay and all surrounding areas.

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